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American History I Lap Book

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Bring history to life with a hands-on activity your children will love — a collection of crafts and creative projects that fold down into a kind of portfolio and unfold to show their detailed magnificence.

The American History I - Lap Book Kit is a hands-on activity to help reinforce learning of American History studies.

The photos on this page don't do justice to the exquisite detail and delightful projects you'll find in this lap book. Using this kit, your students will cut, color, write, tape, and glue their way to a deeper understanding of events in American History.

The kit includes instructions and materials for 25 projects, covering early Native Americans through the 1850s. The interactive paper crafts incorporate creative writing, illustration, and research, resulting in a finished product your child will be proud of.

  • A 38-page clear and detailed instruction booklet, with many full-color photos that illustrate each project
  • Pre-made lap book folder
  • A wide range of paper in different colors (white, yellow, tan, blue, green, red, orange) and weights (i.e. cardstock, regular printer paper, tissue paper), according to the requirements of each project
  • All the pre-printed materials necessary to complete the lap book
  • Additional materials: double-sided tape, 2 glue sticks, 1 bottle of glue, several toothpicks, 1 piece of burlap, one extra small brown paper bag, a cotton ball, a brad, a piece of velcro, several sheets of thin plastic

Not included: colored pencils, tape, glue gun, and scissors.

Projects Include:

  1. Explorer Profiles
  2. Mapping the Routes of Columbus
  3. 5 Reasons for Exploration
  4. Native American Tribes
  5. Native Story Bag
  6. Real-Estate Brochure
  7. Doc-Pocket
  8. European Exploration & Colonization
  9. Navigational Equipment
  10. Slavery in America
  11. Mitchell Map
  12. Plantation Crops
  13. George vs. George
  14. British Acts
  15. Monarchy vs Republic
  16. Bad News in Boston
  17. Soldiers of the Revolution
  18. The Famous Duel
  19. The Growth of the United States
  20. Lewis & Clark
  21. The War of 1812
  22. The Erie Canal
  23. The North Star
  24. Covered Wagon
  25. Pharmacopoeia

Recommended for children ages: 8-11.