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US Elections Lap Book

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Have you ever wondered how to become the President of the United States or how to vote? It starts with understanding the election process!

The US Elections - Lap Book Kit is a hands-on activity to help your student (Ages 8+) understand the election process in America. A great supplement for any US History and/or Government course.


The kit includes instructions and materials for 21 projects, covering topics such as Electoral College, political parties, the three branches of government, and more! The interactive papercrafts incorporate creative writing, illustration, and research, resulting in a finished product your child will be proud of.

This kit includes:

  • Lap Book Instruction Booklet
  • Lap book Base (File Folder)
  • 1 Sheets of Dura-Lar
  • 1 Piece of Red Felt
  • 1 Liquid Glue
  • 1 Glue Sticks
  • Gold Glitter
  • 1 Roll of Double-Sided Sticky Tape
  • 6 Paper Fastener
  • 2 Pieces of Velcro
  • and all the pre-printed materials necessary to complete the lap book.

Not included: colored pencils, clear tape, stapler, and scissors.

Projects Include:

  • Definition of “Election”
  • Different Forms of Government
  • The American Experiment
  • The Three Branches of Government
  • Suffrage
  • Who Do We Vote For?
  • Terms of Office
  • Political Parties
  • Caucuses & Primaries
  • National Conventions
  • Platform
  • Stump Speaking
  • Media
  • Campaign Advertising
  • Raising Money
  • Statistics
  • Election Day
  • The Electoral College
  • Inauguration Day
  • The Electoral Race!
  • The “Vocabinet”